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Kingsway College is staying in tune with the rapidly changing needs of society in terms of education and training. Because of this we are offering the newly introduced FET updated qualification known as the NC(V) courses.

The National Certificate (Vocational) is aimed at students at NQF level 2 in Further Education and Training (FET) public and private colleges, as well as other institutions offering FET vocational programmes.

The National Certificate (Vocational) at level 2 of the NQF enables students to acquire the necessary knowledge, practical skills, applied competence and understanding required for employment at an elementary level of a particular occupation or trade.

NCV programmes are offered on levels 2,3 and 4 of the National Qualifications Framework (NQF) in Business Studies, Engineering Studies, Creative and Social Services as well as Information and Communication Technology. The qualification is a year long course and learners are issued with a certificate upon successful completion of each level of study i.e. level 2, level 3 and level 4.

The National Certificate (Vocational) will offer progammes in the form of subjects that will consist of academic knowledge and theory integrated with the practical skills and values specific to each vocational area. The practical component can be offered in either a real workplace environment or a simulated one and will give learners a feel of the world of work outside during their period of study.

Are you...
Aiming to be employed in a finance department?
Juggling the finances of a growing company?
Running a small business?
Considering starting a business of your own someday? More

What you'll be able to do:
Financial Accountant, apply to SAIBA to become an Accounting Officer.
Compile annual financial statements; sign off same for close corporations; work closely with a Chartered Accountant and Registered Auditor More

1. Communication
2. HR Management
3. Management Operations
4. Service Delivery
5. Document Management System
6. Police Law

Are you...
Looking to land your first job?
Wanting skills that make you employable in any kind of business?
Ambitious and want to be top of the list for promotions?

1. Systems development
2. Networking
3. Technical Support

1. Personal development
2. Network Concepts, Architecture and Standards
3. Assembling, Installing and Maintaining a Server and Peripherals

Subjects / Learning areas
1. Mathematics,
2. Engineering Science,
3. Industrial Electronics,

Subjects / Learning areas
1. Mathematics
2. Engineering Drawing
3. Engineering Science

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