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Kingsway College is staying in tune with the rapidly changing needs of society in terms of education and training. Because of this we are offering the newly introduced FET updated qualification known as the NC(V) courses.


Kingsway College is a diverse, progressive educational environment enriching the lives of students, employees and our community.

Trusted certifications

Kingsway College is also Registered as an Independent School Center No: 0100000461

Featured Courses

Subjects / Learning areas

  1. Office Communication
  2. Business and Office Administration 1
  3. Bookkeeping
  4. Financial Accounting

Subjects / Learning areas

  1. Communication N6
  2. Entrepreneurship and Business Management N6
  3. Office Practice N6
  4. Information Processing N6

What you can do with this Qualification:

Secure a position as a: Travel agent, Travel guide,, Hotel sales executive, Head porter, Head waiter, Head receptionist, General assistant

Subjects / Learning areas

  1. Bookkeeping to Literacy
  2. Pay roll and Monthly SARS Returns
  3. Computerized Bookkeeping
  4. Business Literacy

Are you...

  1. Aiming to be employed in a finance department?
  2. Juggling the finances of a growing company?
  3. Running a small business?

Subjects / Learning areas

  1. Power machines
  2. Strength of Materials and Structures
  3. Fluid Mechanics
  4. Mechanotechnics

Subjects / Learning areas

  1. Using ICT in the Organisation
  2. Using Microsoft Office
  3. Communication
  4. Mathematical Literacy
  5. Using a Web Browser

Subjects / Learning areas

  1. Systems development
  2. Networking
  3. Technical Support


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