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The purpose of this qualification is to obtain a nationally recognised qualification in the law enforcement environment and to uplift the professional standards of policing. It will improve relationships between employer and employees and organisation and client (community) and attract and retain quality employees.

Learners will be able to identify, assess, formulate and solve problems while performing tasks related to maintaining public order, prevention of crime, investigation of crime, combating crime and protection of people and property. The Unit Standards in this qualification will allow progression and mobility to obtain further managerial competencies. Elective standards will further allow for progression and a career path into specialist areas. The qualification will make provision for the movement of learners between different environments.

A learner acquiring this qualification will have skills, knowledge and attributes to:

  • Apply management skills.
  • Implement workplace relations in a work environment.
  • Apply applicable legislation in a work environment.
  • Utilise a document management system.
  • Assess service delivery abilities of an organisation.
  • Analyse operational plans for deployment purposes.

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL):

This Qualification makes the Recognition of Prior Learning possible, if the learner is able to demonstrate competence in the knowledge, skills, values and attitudes implicit in this Qualification. Recognition of Prior Learning will be done by means of an Integrated Assessment as mentioned in the previous paragraph.

This Recognition of Prior Learning may allow:

  • For accelerated access to further learning.
  • Gaining of credits towards a unit standard
12 Months
National Diploma

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